Fender Electric Instrument Company

Thu Jan 25 2024

To start off 2024, I will now be sharing with you all some special vintage guitars from collectors all over Australia.

Note that these guitars are often not for sale, however are very much worth sharing!

Some of my favourite guitars and amps were built by Fender Electric Instrument Company between 1950 and 1965 in Fullerton, California. Just recently I was able to meet up with a long time collector here in Sydney who has an epic Fender guitar and amp collection.

We managed to get some fantastic photos of original pre-CBS and early CBS Fender guitars and amps from their collection, and my store. Checkout some of the examples below...


'52 Esquire Refinish, '52 Telecaster Refinish, '58 Telecaster Blonde, '62 Brown Vibrolux


Some old Stratocasters...

'55 2-tone sunburst w ash body, '61 3-tone sunburst w slab board, '63 3-tone sunburst, '63 Fiesta Red over sunburst, '64 Candy Apple Red w 4ply pickguard, '67 3-tone sunburst


'55 Stratocaster, '61 Stratocaster, '63 Stratocaster, '65 Fiesta Red Jaguar, '62 Brown Princeton, '58 Tweed Deluxe, '58 Tweed Bassman


'63 Stratocaster Fiesta Red over sunburst, '64 Stratocaster Candy Apple Red w 4 ply pickguard, '67 Stratocaster 3-tone sunburst, '66 Electric XII Candy Apple Red, '51 Tweed Deluxe, '67 Princeton Reverb, '59 Tweed Bassman, '55 Tweed Twin


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