Tokai Springy Sound ST100 1978 Blonde w Gold Hardware








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Period correct neck pickup

Now available on consignment, a rare top of the line 1978 Tokai ST-100 in its original blonde finish with gold hardware.

This model represents the best of Tokai's stratocaster replicas from the 1970s and 80s, having a nitrocellulose finish over sen-ash body, low wind 50s style 'E' stamped pickups, and a V shaped neck profile.

Work to the guitar includes:

- At one point a string guide was added to the headstock, the screw holes have been professionally repaired. The decal is a high quality replacement.

- The neck pickup has been replaced with a period correct 'E' stamped Tokai pickup.

Otherwise the guitar appears to retain most of its original parts, including the Tokai stamped tuners and saddles, and the rest of the electronics.

The original frets do show some wear, but play with no issues up and down the neck with a fairly low action.

Includes a modern hardcase with a non-original tremolo arm.

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