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Now available on consignment, a 1965 Rickenbacker 12-string Rose Morris 1993 in its original fireglo finish!

This is a rare California built 'Rose Morris' model that were only shipped to the UK, and Australia when new.

This particular example comes from the 'EB' serial number range, which was a batch of 25 guitars from February of 1965. Many of this batch made its way to Australia, with the current owner having purchased this guitar used in Sydney in 1968!

As you can see its been kept in fantastic condition for one of these, having little to no fade to the red of the sunburst, and NO breaks or repairs whatsoever. The only things to note are a few dings, and some light buckle rash on the back of the body.

The original frets show very little wear, not even showing divoting in the first few frets. The neck angle is good, showing no movement at all and playing with a low action at the 12th fret. Its recently been professionally setup by Sydney luthier Piers Crocker, and is subsequently playing pretty much perfectly.

All of the original parts remain including both Toaster pickups, the original knobs and floating pickguard, bridge and bridge cover, and the cast 'R' tailpiece. The only thing of note is the 3-way switch was replaced due to the original not working at the time (now functional if you want to put it back in!). Otherwise the wiring harness remains untouched with all 4x CTS pots dating to the 50th week of 1964.

With only around 100 examples made, this is a rare opportunity to get a clean and uncirculated example of a 12-string Rose Morris 1993. Dont miss this one!

Includes its clean original case with lots of case candy, and a copy of the purchase receipt from 1968!

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