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Now available on consignment, a very cool made in Japan 1977 Ibanez 'Rocket Roll' Flying V with its original 'Super 70' pickups.

This model has become quite collectable in recent years being from the 'lawsuit' era of Ibanez guitars emulating Gibson designs from the late 50s.

Work to the guitar includes:

- A professional refinish to its original natural finish performed about 20 years ago, there is no black stinger on the headstock.

- The pots have been replaced, and the tuners have been replaced to Grover Deluxe klusons.

- A professional refret with a new nut.

Otherwise this guitar has had NO breaks or repairs, and retains the rest of its original plastics and hardware. A very well done restoration that sounds and feels the part as well.

Includes its original V shaped hardcase.

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