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Now available on consignment, an original 1946 Gibson Southern Jumbo with its parallogram neck inlays and sunburst finish.

This is a fantastic example of an early post war Gibson Southern Jumbo, featuring the early script logo, an adjustable truss rod, and no binding on the neck.

Work to the guitar includes:

- The saddle has been replaced and the bridge has been reglued at some stage. There is some very light clear overspray around this area near the pickguard.

- At one point Grover tuners were installed, there has been an expert repair dowelling and redrilling the post holes to install period correct open back Kluson tuners. During this process the front of the headstock has been partially refinished, as has the back of the headstock. This is only visible under UV light.

- There is a small patch for a crack on the side below the pickguard (pictured).

Otherwise this guitar presents in remarkable condition for nearly 80 years old, still retaining its original bridge, frets, and nut while being fully functional. The original neck set remains with a pretty low action, and there is little bulging to the top as is so common on old Gibson flat tops.

A fantastic original 1940s Gibson Southern Jumbo with a very rich and full sound. Dont miss this one!

Includes a modern Hiscox hardshell case.

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