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Swapped Parts

Pickguard, bridge saddles, upper horn strap button

Now available on consignment, a mid 1965 Fender Telecaster that has been professionally refinished in Blonde.

This particular example has many of the early pre-cbs features, including a spaghetti logo, brazillian rosewood fingerboard, and an L serial neck plate.

Work to the guitar includes:

- As mentioned the body has been refinished blonde at some point, it has some wear and finish checking to match the rest of the parts. The body has never been routed.

- The pickguard has been replaced with a nicely aged reproduction part.

- The back of the neck has been refinished, and the headstock front has light clear overspray over the original finish. At some point a plaque was attached to the back of the headstock, 2 screw holes were plugged before the back of the neck was refinished, please see photos.

- The bridge saddles and the upper horn strap button have been replaced.

Otherwise than mentioned the guitar retains most of its original parts including both pickups (the neck pickup has been rewound with period 43 gauge enamel wire and the leads replaced). The original CTS pots date to the 34th week of 1965, and the original switch and capacitor remain.

The original frets are very worn and are due for a refret. The guitar still plays up and down the neck with no dead notes.

A great sounding mid 60s Fender Telecaster with all of the pre cbs specifications, includes a later 60s Fender case.

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