Fender Stratocaster 1963 Black Body Refinish w Brown Case








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Swapped Parts

Bridge/middle pickup rewound, replaced decal.

Now available on consignment, a fantastic sounding and playing original 1963 Fender Stratocaster in a very old black body only refinish!

The refinish on this guitar was done many decades ago, being very accurate to a factory black finish of the 1960s. Despite this as well as some markings under the pickguard, the guitar lacks key features which a true factory refinish would have of this time period.

Work to the guitar includes:

- Professional refret by Piers Crocker in Sydney with plenty of life left, retains the 7.25" radius. Original frets are included, new nut by Fryer Guitars.

- Accurate replacement decal with overspray to headstock face.

Otherwise this guitar retains all of its original plastics, and all of its original hardware minus 4 of the pickup adjustment screws. The body contours are in great shape, with no routes or repairs to the body.

All 3x original black bottom pickups remain with the bridge and middle pickups having been rewound to match the neck pickup. The wiring harness all remains stock including the original 3-way switch. The original CTS volume and tone pots date to the 46th week of '63.

One of the best sounding strats I have had in the shop, and with the refret its ready to play!

Includes a period brown tolex case with its original tremolo arm.

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