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Refret/nut by Gruhns Guitars

Now available on consignment, a stunning early pre-L series 1963 Fender Stratocaster in its original clean 3-tone sunburst finish!

This particular example made its way to Australia from Nashville fairly recently, having been professionally refretted and sold by Gruhn's Guitars to a well known Nashville session player.

The guitar features the earlier wider dot inlay spacing at the 12th fret, and a centre screw hole nitrate celluloid pickguard both of which change slightly later in this year. All of the hardware remains correct as well as its original plastics (knobs, pickup covers, switch tip and backplate). The original finish does not have any touchup or overspray, however there is some play wear and buckle rash as shown in the photos.

The neck pickup was professionally rewound by Slider Pickups in Sydney with correct 42 gauge formvar wire just recently. The solder at the bobbin was disturbed for the rewind, however the wiring harness is untouched otherwise. The visible pot dates are the 15th week of '63, which is consistent with a neck date of March and a body date of May. The original pickups are healthy and have the following outputs (ohms):

B: 5.7k

M: 6.0k

N: 5.8k

Comes in its original brown tolex case with original strap, bridge cover, tremolo arm, and a period early 60s hangtag.

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