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Swapped Parts

Backplate & neck screws, headstock decal, frets and nut

Now available on consignment, an original 1960 Fender Stratocaster that has been refinished in an aged Fiesta Red over an ash body.

This particular example appears to have originally been blonde, having an ash body. It has all of the desirable pre-cbs features including clay dot inlays, and a brazillian slab rosewood fingerboard. Both the body and neck were refinished in nitrocellulose lacquer and lightly aged at some point.

The guitar has some changes including:

- The headstock decal has been replaced at the time of the refinish, at some point schaller tuners were installed however period correct kluson deluxe tuners are back on. There is a repaired crack between the b and high e tuners, this is stable.

- The backplate and neck screws have been replaced, as have a few pickguard screws.

- The fingerboard has been re-radiused to 9.5" and refretted with medium jumbo frets which have plenty of life in them.

Otherwise the guitar retains most of its original parts including its original nitrate celluloid pickguard with no cracks, knobs and switch tip. The original tremolo block, plate, and saddles all remain as well.

There is solder touchup at the output jack, however the wiring harness appears untouched otherwise. The original stackpole pots date to the 43rd week of '61, with a neck date of earlier that year. The original black bottom pickups are all healthy and have their original windings as well.

A great playing and sounding slab-board early 60s Fender Stratocaster with all of the important parts.

Comes in a period early 60s brown tolex case in fair condition, original tremolo arm included.

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