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Swapped Parts

Refret, replaced saddles

Now available on consignment, a well played  1966 Fender Precision Bass in its original 3-tone sunburst finish.

This particular bass retains most of its original parts minus the tug bar, the bridge saddles, and the frets. The original grey bottom splitcoil pickup is healthy reading at 8.7k ohms.

The wiring harness remains untouched except for some solder touchup on the volume pot. The original pots date to the 12th week of '66, which is consistent with a neck date of April.

The neck has had a professional refret in the past with life present (about 50%), and at one point there was an extra string tree. There is also some stunning birdseye grain on the back of the neck.

Its just been setup by Sydney luthier Piers Crocker, making this Bass ready to play. Overall a fantastic original sunburst Precision Bass from the early years of CBS.

Includes a 70s Fender P-Bass case in good working order with the original bridge cover.

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