Fender Jazzmaster 1966 Ocean Turquoise Metallic RARE








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Now available on consignment, a fantastic example of a 1966 Fender Jazzmaster in its original custom colour Ocean Turquoise Metallic finish!

This particular example does show some play wear, however remains in great condition overall with little fade to the colour on the body. As you can see it does not have a matching headstock, which is unusual for this era however not unseen.

The guitar remains in entirely original condition retaining all of its original parts right down to the frets and nut. It appears to have had a double coating of Ocean Turquoise Metallic as is evident by the neck pocket and an additional nail hole.

The original frets are in good shape though showing some wear in the first few positions. The guitar is setup with a low action and a good angle over the original bridge with 2x original shims in the neck pocket. The pickups and electronics all remain untouched including both volume and tone pots dating to the 15th week of '65 and the 17th week of '66.

A rare chance to get a genuine example of a largely unfaded Ocean Turquoise Metallic finish!

Includes its original black tolex Fender case, bridge cover, and original tremolo arm.

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