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Swapped Parts

Replaced saddles, back of neck refinished

Now available, a 1965 Epiphone Wilshire in its original Red Fox finish!

This model was the equivalent to the SG special in the epiphone lineup, being built in the same factory with the same materials as the Gibsons were.

This particular example features a rare 'Red Fox' finish which has faded significantly to almost a natural colour.

Work to the guitar includes:

- Schallers were installed when I got the guitar, I had Sydney luthier Piers Crocker dowel and redrill the post holes. The original tuners are now reinstalled.

- The back of the neck has been refinished, there are no breaks or repairs to the neck.

- The saddles have been replaced, and an added strap button to the upper horn.

Otherwise this guitar retains its original parts including 4x CTS pots dating to the 35th week of '65 and both original patent # decal mini humbucking pickups which still have nickel plated covers.

Includes a modern Epiphone case, and its original tremolo arm.

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